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A Royal Elephant ride at Amber fort

Amber fort is the most popular tourist attractions of Jaipur. This classic and romantic fort is a living tribute of Rajputana rulers and one of the fascinating mixtures of Rajputana and Mughal architecture. This charming fort is white marble and red sandstone, surrounded by picturesque hills. There is a beautiful Maotha lake in the foreground of the fort which heightens the scenic beauty to it.

The elephant ride is the center of attraction for tourists and the most royal and thrilling way to reach at this hilltop fort. This stunning fort is blessed with several attractions like huge halls, majestic palaces, beautiful temples and gorgeous green gardens. 

These wonderful animals are specially decorated by their loving Mahouts. Elephants are washed, painted and clothed with colorful and embroidered saddle cloth. The Mahouts embellish them with the heavy jewellery like tinkle anklets, Ear danglers and coloured brocade scarves for their ears and necks. Their foreheads are adorned with the gold and silver head-plates.

Amber Fort View

 This chance to sit on the elephants back on the top of hills is a great experience like the ride of royalty once the kings of Rajasthan did. There are around 80 elephants but for a guarantee ride tourists should visit early in the morning before 9am. To avoid the over work of the elephants the Jaipur government fix a limit to the total number of rounds each elephant can do in a day. Each elephant is fixed to three rounds with a rest period and can carry only 2 passengers with driver or Mahout.

Amber Fort Inner View

The ride starts from the main road courtyard to the fort and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes as elephant walk slowly up the hillside. This slow moving animal will give you the complete chance to enjoy the path of rocks and also give you a splendid outlook of the magnificent classic fort. 

This huge and vivacious fort was initiated by King Man Singh 1 and finally completed by Jay Singh 1. There are a number of captivating attractions in Amber fort including Diwan-i-Am or Hall of Public Audience. This hall is known for its design, and decoration. Shila Mata Temple, famous for its black colour deity (Kali Mata), Jai Mander, Sheesh Mahal and Jas Mandir are the prime attraction of this gigantic fort.

The rides start early in the morning (approx 7.30 AM) and finishes up before the sun gets hot (approx 11 AM).

Number of Persons
·         Minimum 1 person
·         Maximum 2 persons

Cost –Rs 1, 000  to 1,200 for two people.

Duration - Approximately 20-30 minutes (depending on elephant traffic!)

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Top 10 Beautiful and Must Visit Places of India Before they Vanish from the Earth

India is full with the amazing and wonderful places. Various kinds of heritages, national parks and natural places are the sole of India but it is very regretful that many beautiful heritages declared as endangered places due to harsh pollution so you  must see these special places before they vanish from the earth.

1)    Freshwater lakes in Asia - Shrinking Wular Lake

Wular Lake
Jammu and Kashmir is the most beautiful place of India. It is beautiful like a heaven. This place is full with several wonderful places. Wular Lake is one of the precious heritages in Jammu & Kashmir. It is also listed as the one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. It becomes a hottest point of attraction among the tourist but it is possible that this beautiful Lake no longer remains because it faces various environmental hazard issues due to pollution, the water area of this lake shrinking drastically.

2) Sasan Gir National Park - Home of the Asiatic Lion

Sasan Gir National Park
Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat is renowned for the Asiatic Lion. It is listed as an endangered heritage by IUCN due to its very small population size. It is very comfortable place for Asiatic Lions. Adventure and wildlife of this national park amaze you but unfortunately this might be invisible from the Gujarat.   

3) Hemis National Park - Home of Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards
The mysterious glamor of Himalayas always attracts the people. Hemis National Park is one of the precious places in the core of Himalayas. Hemis  National  Park is placed between the high altitude snow covered hills  and  in the lap of nature. The natural beauty, dazzling snow and richest flora & fauna definitely amaze you. So just capture the beauty of this amazing place before it disappears from the earth.

4) The Western Ghats - Core of Rare Species

Matheran Hill Station, Maharashtra
Cool mountain air, natural landscapes and crispy beauty. Alluring beauty of Western Ghats gives you a refreshing treat from the hectic life. Rich flora and fauna, more than 300 threatened species are there. If you are the nature lover then it is the excellent place to feel the splendor beauty of nature.

5) Rakhigarhi - The Indus Valley Civilization


Rakhigarhi is the wonderful treat for the history lovers. Rakhigarhi in Haryana is known as the largest ancient city during the period of the Indus Valley civilization. It is 5,000 years old civilization and Global Heritage Fund declared this place as one of the 10 most endangered heritage sites in Asia.

6)  Sundarbans - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tiger of Sundarban National park

Sundarbans National Park
Sundarbans National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forests in the world, it is the home of rare plant and animal species. It is widely renowned for endangered Bengal  Tiger.

7) Lakshadweep Coral Reef - A lucid drea

Coral Reef, Lakshadweep
Coral reef is an amazing place for sea lovers. View of coral reef is transports you into a dreamy world. According to a study conducted by KSCSTE, coral reefs face dire threat from pollution, coral mining, rummaging of navigational channels and blast fishing. So catch the beauty of this place as soon possible.

8) Taj Mahal - Dazzling symbol of Love

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is the pride of India. The white marble building in the Agra and it is the epitome of love. Every year the thousand numbers of domestic and international tourists comes to see the marvelous place but the harsh pollution slowly damages this heritage gem.

9)Rama Setu - A religious Symbol

Rama Setu
Rama Setu is a bridge which has the greater value in the holiest epic Ramayana. It is a natural land connection between India and Sri Lanka. However the proposal of the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project by the Indian government would damage it.

10)  Majuli - Splendor river islands in the world

Majuli Island
The Majuli is one of the largest river islands in the world located on the banks of the holy river Brahmaputra. The landscape is rather portrayed and beautiful nature at its charming best. It also representatives of a rich cultural heritage but like other natural heritage it will be vanishing due to cruel pollution.

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Top 10 Amazing and Adventurous Treks Of Ladakh

Trekkers On the Trek

Ladakh is the land of amazing beauty of nature, high treks, charming landscapes, sky touching mountains and pristine lakes. There is spirituality to be explored, high range of adventure to be had and jubilance of nature to be felt. Ladakh region is highly beautiful  and blessed with the beauty of dazzling Himalayas. Magical beauty of Ladakh never explained in some words, it is undefinable.Ladakh is the favorite place of nature lovers and as well as adventure seekers. There are plenty of trekking trails in Ladakh to explore. However, here is an arguable list of top 10 treks in Ladakh which you shouldn’t miss.

1. The Frozen River Trek

The Frozen River Trek
The Frozen River Trek 

The Frozen River trek is a trek on the frozen river Zanskar.This trek is open in winters and it is the only one route to get from Kargil to Padum.This trek is also renowned as Chadder trek. In this region you can see only a blanket of ice on the River Zanskar. It is a very hard trek region. This trek is not good for new trekkers because it is one of the very hard treks of Ladakh but the beauty of the Frozen River Trek is incredible.

2. Markha Valley Trek

 Markha Valley
The Markha Valley

Markha Valley Trek is full with amazing beauty of the  Himalayas, high passes, wildlife and it is lying between the remote Buddhist villages that are still connected to the outside world only by the footpaths. Markha Valley is a part of Hemis National Park. Trekking on this route fill new energy inside the trekkers and give them an amazing experience for whole life.

3. Zanskar Valley Trek

Zanskar Valley Trek
The Zanskar Valley Trek 
Zanskar Valley lies deep in the western part of the great Himalays. It is the core place of the ancient Buddhist kingdom. Most of the year the high passes of Zanskar valley are inaccessible due to the snow. A trek through  the Zanskar Valley is the only way of marching to some important monasteries of Ladakh and some remote villages. It is the most fascinating trek among the trekkers and it is also famous for rafting in Zanskar River.

4. The Nubra Valley Trek

The Nubra Valley Trek
The Nubra Valley Trek
Nubra Valley is the bubbly place with the loads of natural beauty.Nubra valley is also renowned as the valley of flowers. It has a large variety of beautiful flowers in the summer season. It is a cluster of pristine monasteries. It is also one of the most preferable treks by the trekkers. It is wonderful delights for trekkers.

5. Lamayuru to Alchi trek

Lamayuru  trek
Lamayuru trek
This trek is an eminent spiritual trek of Ladakh.this trek starts with a visit to the sacred Lamayuru Monastery, which is the oldest monastery of Ladakh and ends with the visit to Alchi Monastery. The trekking route from Lamayuru to Alchi is blessed with amazing beauty of nature.The beauty of nature makes it perfect for new trekkers who just want to enjoy in Ladakh with some adventure and trekking.

6.The Indus Valley Trek

Indus Valley
The Indus Valley
Indus valley formed by the channels of the Indus Rivers. Indus valley is fortunate with carved treks, bright mountain peaks and Spituk Monastery, which is one of the oldest monastery of Ladakh.Indus Valley trek is also famous for motor bike trip.this trek is also covers three major monasteries Rizong(Rhidzong), Likkir and Tamisgang.

7. Tsomoriri Lake Trek

Tsomoriri Lake Trek
Tsomoriri Lake Trek
This trek crosses the Changthang plateau of Ladakh.It stretches from Tibet to the extreme northwest of the range of Kunlun.It is also renowned as the land of the nomads. This trek covers total 5 beautiful passes.It is famous for extraordinary Ladakhi landscapes and the core place of Nomads; Nomads are the rural people of Tibetan origin.

8. Rupshu Valley Trek

Rupshu Valley Trek

Rupshu Valley is lying in the Southeast of Ladakh.Rupshu has large deserts which are separated by narrow ranges with elevated passes offering amazing natural views. This trek is located with the altitude ranging between 4500 and 5500 meters. It is widely famous for natural beauty and miraculous views.

9.The Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Trek
The Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Trek is also one of the wonderful treks of Ladakh.It is not too demanding trek but when a trekker come once in the Sham Valley Trek then he will come again and again. This is a 5 day long trek which includes a visit to the monasteries of Lamayuru,Alchi and Thiksey.Each monastery is totally different from others.

10.Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek
Lamayuru to Darcha Trek
Lamayuru to Darcha trek is the most demanding and famous trail into the Zangskar valley via Shingo La. Lamayuru - Darcha trek initiated from the most renowned and ancient Lamayuru Buddhist monastery and proceeds into Zangskar though most remote villages of  Photoksar , Lingshet, and then Padum which is the  headquarter of Zangskar .At last this trek heads  you to Darcha ( Himachal Paradesh)  via Bardan and Phuktal monasteries.

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Top 10 Remarkable Tourist Places of India

 India is the second most populous country and it is also the seventh largest country by the geographical area. India is also known for its diversity in geography, culture and traditions. It is very colorful country with various architecture attractions and different type of culture. All states of India presenting dazzling traditions, different climate condition, valuable culture and incredible monuments.

 India is crowned by the diamond shine Himalayas, full with golden shine deserts, blowing with blue and pristine beaches, rich with green jungles and incredible archaeological wonders. Here top 10 cities of India which are very famous among the tourists.


President House In Delhi 
Delhi is the capital city of India. It is the most enchanting city of India. Delhi is full with various tourist attractions and fine Indian archeological buildings. Red fort, Qutab Minar , India gate, Parliament house and many mughal monuments are the major delight of Delhi. Delhi is glittered with dazzling gems: rattling museums, delectable ancient monuments, colorful markets and a large variety of delicious food. Delhi is one of the yummiest places to explore.


White Magic In Agra-Taj Mahal
Agra is the world popular city of world. It is widely famous for the wonderful white marbal   magical mosque-Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is the real epitome of love which was drafted by the Mughal emperor .Agra is dazzled with many forts, monuments
and it also a city which is dazzle with three UNESCO World heritage sites. Agra fort, Fatahpur sikri , Sikandrabad fort are the major allurement for tourists. Culture and market of Agra are also full with various attractive unforgettable things.


House Boats In Dal Lake(Kashmir)

Kashmir is the most beautiful and favorite place of tourist. It is also eminent as the “Paradise on Earth”. Nature showered loads of beauty in Kashmir; It is crowded with snow clad mountains, panoramic lakes, historic gardens, wonderful houseboats and real charm of nature.Really trip of panoramic place Kashmir is the wonderful  travel deal of life of any person.

Leh & Ladakh

Heart Snatching Beauty of Lake In Leh

 Leh and Ladkah is the land amazing beauty. This region is snow wrapped gift of nature. Dazzling great Himalaya range, deep blue lakes, high treks, pristine monasteries and simple people are fascinating things about the Leh & Ladakh. Markha valley ,Nubra valley,Suru and Indus valleys are the most beautiful and popular valleys of Leh –Ladakh region.It is the core and divine region of Lord Buddha with incredible beauty.
Get more about the Leh from here:


Toy Train In Darjeeling
“Queen of hill stations” is the popular name of Darjeeling. It is an ultimate hill station and it is also famous for tea best tea plantation. Darjeeling is full with miraculous tourist spots.Tiger hill, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Dhirdham Temple
Observatory Hill and Peace Pagoda are the remarkable place of Darjeeling. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways is also a wonderful charm of Darjeeling and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Jal Mahal In Jaipur

Jaipur is a very colorful city of state Rajasthan.It is famous as the “Pink City “.Jaipur is a bustling and ravishing  city ,full with colors, forts ,monuments and palaces. This city is a
fascinating jewel of India. City Palace, Amber fort, Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh fort, Nahargarh fort and many other places are the great charm of Jaipur.


Gateway Of India In Mumbai
Mumbai is located in the state of  Maharastra. Mumbai is the glamorous metropolitan city of India. Mumbai is also famous as the film or Bollywood city of India. It is renowned as the “City Of Dreams”. There is various remarkable tourist attractions in Mumbai  like Gateway of India, Film City, Churchgate, Nariman Point,Malabar Hill, Juhu beach and loads of places.


Baga Beach In Goa

 Goa is an enchanting green land which is full with entrancing beaches.Goa is a very exciting place and full with beaches, churches and convents. Its panoramic picturesque beauty, architectural churches, ravishing beaches, festival and parties makes Goa special.Candolim Beach, Majorda Beach, Colva Beach, Anjuna Beach, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Arvalem Caves and Aguada Fort are the major attractions of Goa.Churches and convents of Goa also listed in India’s heritage sites.

Andman & Nicobar

Coral Green Beauty Of Sea In Andman Nicobar

Andman & Nicobar is a coral green is an island. It is a place which has loads of attractions for backpackers and honeymoon couples. It is highly blessed with nature and it is also offering several water adventurous activities like cellular jail, Anthropological Museum,Long Island, Indira Point,Car Nicobar, Katchal,Great Nicobar Island,Havelock island ,Viper island and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park are the major charms of Andman & Nicobar.


Backwaters Kerala
Kerala is beautiful land sandwiched between Arabian Sea and the western ghats.It is a bushy land fertile land with natural beauty. Pristine, fragile and exotic natural environments fill a new energy in the life of visitors. Fort Kochi,Varkala,Wayand and Periyar national Park are the miraculous places of Kerala .Kerala backwaters are the top most charms of Kerala.

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Top 10 National Parks of India For Wildlife Lovers

India is full with dense forest and miraculous wildlife. India has a large variety of wildlife species. India is blessed with around 400 wildlife sanctuaries,90 national parks,18 Bio- Reserves. If you are the wildlife lover and want to go in a wild vacations then you must see these wildlife areas of India for best exploration of Indian wildlife.

1. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttrakhand

Herd Of Elephants in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest and best National Park Of India. It is located in the foothills of Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is established in 1936 to save the Bengal Tigers and named on renowned tiger hunter Jim Corbett.It is the most popular wildlife Sanctuary of India. This is a natural habitat of wildlife species. Elephant safari is the best entertaining charm for visitors.

Click here for  more information about the Jim Corbett National Park:

2. Kaziranga National Park Assam

One Horned Rhinoceros In Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park in  Assam likes a tourism mascot. it is widely renowned for the one horned rhinoceros .Around 1800 –odd rhinos populated in Kaziranga National Park.this park is spread over the Nagaon and Golaghat in the state of Assam. It is also marked as the UNESCO World Heritage site. This park is blessed by the natural beauty and full with deep forest it is also famous for the highest density of tigers.Swamp deer, elephants and wild Buffaloes are the other attractions of this national park.

Visit here for more details about the Kaziranga National Park:

3. Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

Spotted Deer In Bandipur National Park

South India blessed with wildlife jewel that is Bandipur National Park. The Bandipur National park is covering 880 sq km of Bandipur. Beauty of Deccan Plateau and lush green forest of Western Ghats increases the charm of this National park. It is a natural habitat of Elephants and various species. It is just 215 km from the Bangalore and 80 Km away from the Mysore.

Explore more about the Bandipur National Park from here:

4. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Tigers in Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh is located at Vindhya hill range. It is full with a variety of topography like there you will get a combination of undulating lands, steep ridges, deep forests and meadows. It is also known the one of the famous tiger reserve which has the highest density of tigers. There are also a large variety of various species. Elephant safari and Jeep Safari are the major attractions of Bandhavgarh  National Park.

Get more information about the Bandhavgarh National Park from here:

Swamp Deer In Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is placed in the Mandla district of Madhya Predesh..It is famed as the well maintained parks in Asia. It is legendary for the rare species of Swamp Deer (Barasingha).It has 22 species of mammals. Spotted deer, Mouse deer, Leopard,Sambhar,Chittal,striped hyena are also the attractions of Kanha National Park.

Get more information about the Kanha National Park from here:

 6. Gir National Park, Gujarat

Asiatic Lions In Gir National Park

Gir National Park in Gujarat is the legendary for Asiatic lions. It is also known as the Sasan Gir National Park and it is located in the Junagadh district of Gujrata.This national park is forest area of  the low hill region, patches of grasslands  and full with  Tendu,Jamun,Teak and Dhak trees.Apart from the Asiatic lion ,it is the home of Sambhar,Nilgai,Black Bucks,Chinkara,Crocodile, Small Indian Mongoose and many other species are the attraction of this national park.
 7. Keoladeo Ghana National Park,Rajasthan

Birds In Keoladeo Ghana National Park

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park is also known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, it is one of the men made wetlands of India. It is located in the state of Rajasthan. It is one of the best national parks to the home of domestic and migratory birds. It is a marshland and the core center of zoological studies and ornithologists. It is a “Bird Paradise” or the paradise of bird lovers with more than 375 bird species. It is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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8. Periyar National Park, Kerala

Nilgiri Langurs In Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park is the most popular National park of the south India. It is located in the Kerala.This wildlife santuary is located on the banks of the Periyar lake, which is a man made lake at Thekkady.This national park is full with the moist deciduous forest, The western Ghats and savannah grasslands.Priyar National Park is famous for elephants. Here you can also sambars, gaurs, tigers, Nilgiri langurs and lion tailed macaques. Elephant Safari is the major attraction of Periyar National Park. Bird watching,tiger watching and large number of elephant herds are the great attractions of the Periyar National Park.

Get more knowledge about the Periyar National Park from here:

9.Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Royal Bengal Tiger In Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park in Eastern part of the Rajasthan –Sawai Madhopur , which is located between the Aravali Mountains and the Vindhya is the perfect blend of natural beauty and nature. This park is rich with flora and fauna. This park has large wildlife species. It is renowned for the Royal Bengal Tigers.

Get more things about the Ranthambore National Park from below:

10.Sundarbans National Park,West Bengal

Tiger In Sundarbans 

Sundarbans National Park is the largest and oldest park in India. It is located in the delta region ,which is bordered at mid of Bangladesh and West Bengal.It is the world’s largest mangrove forest and one of the most biologically productive of all natural ecosystems. It is real abode of Royal Bengal Tigers. It is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage site.Hawks Bill Turtle,Gangetic Dolphin,River Terrapin and Mangrove Horseshoe Crab are also the attractions of the Sundarbans National Park. These all are the endangered species.
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Top 10 Places Of North East India

North East part of India is named as “The Land of Seven Sisters” because blessed with seven beautiful states. The charm of Himalayas increases the splendor of this land. Verdant forests, natural caves, peaceful valleys, aromatic environment, beautiful waterfalls, sacred Buddhist Monasteries, Rich wildlife and distinct culture are the jewel of North East India. The remoteness, peace and ultimate beauty fascinate to visitors towards itself. Here you can explore with the top 10 amazing places of North East region of India:

 Tawang- Sacred Land Of Arunachal Pradesh

A Beautiful View Of Tawang
Tawang is a virginal place with secluded mountain passes, untouched rainforests and lots of greenery. It is   located in the “Land of Dawn –Lit Mountains”(Arunachal Pradesh). Tawang is an ancient and historical place which is blessed with natural beauty. Tawang Monastery is the ancient seat of Mahayana Buddhism. It is world famous and second largest Monastery of Asia.Urgyelling Monastery is also a sacred place because it is the birth place of Thangyang Gyatso.Tawang and Sangetsar lake are the major attraction of this region.

Guwahati-Dazzling Place Of Assam

Guwahati Planetarium In Guwahati

Guwahati, also renowned as the "City of Eastern Light" is the largest city of Assam.
It is situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra, Guwahati is a pyrotechnic city that is truly a mirror of the natural beauty and diversity in a single state.Guwahati is a very colorful place with a unique culture and welcoming people. Bhubaneswari Temple,Kamakhya temple and Guwahati Planetarium are  the major tourist attractions of Guwahati.

Majuli-Island In Assam

Lake In Majuli

Majuli is the large River Island in Assam. It is very beautiful Island glisters with the amazing beauty of nature. It is the Eden for birds and perfect place for bird watching.You can explore the high level of natural beauty there with lots of peace.

Shilong-Capital of Meghalaya

Elephants Falls in Shilong
Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya.Meghalaya is famous as the Scotland of the East. Cool climate of Shillong amazes visitors .Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Wards lake and various artificial lakes increase the beauty of Shillong.

 Dimapur –Ravishing   Gateway of Nagaland

Kachari Palace Ruins In Dimapur
Dimapur  is a beautiful city rich with lush green forest and wonderful picturesque lands. It is also known as the gateway of Nagaland. Dimapur also renowned as the city of the  great river. Triple water Fall is a miraculous waterfall and it is also the major tourist attraction of Dimapur.Kachari ruins, Diezephe craft village,Rangapahar reserve also the most visitable places. Salubrious environment of Dimapur rejuvenates you and give you a new energy.

Gangtok-Beautiful Capital City Of Sikkim

Enchey Gompa Monestary In Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. Gangtok is an amazing hill station. It is sandwiched land with the placid lakes and lofty mountains. The remarkable natural beauty of Gangtok The rich flora and fauna of Gangtok expand the beauty.Enchey Gompa, Palace of the Chogyal and Namgyal Research Institute of Tibetology are the popular attraction of Gangtok.

 Bomdila –Paradise of Photographer in Arunachal Pradesh

Monastery In Bomdila

Bomdila is a beautiful town of the state Arunachal Pradesh, situated at the 800 ft. above the sea level.Bomdila is a paradise for photographers,snow clad mountain range of the Himalayan, goluptious green landscapes and rich culture make it special.It is the leading tourist attraction in Arunachal Pradesh. Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary , Sessa Orchid Sanctuary,Dirang Valley, Craft Centre And Ethnographic Museum, Bomdila View Point and Bomdila Monastery are the dazzling tourist attractions.

Ziro Valley-Beautiful Like An Eden

View Of Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is the headquaters of Lower Subansiri District.This region is also listed in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites due to its panoramic natural beauty. Meghna Cave Temple, Kile Pakho, Dolo Mando, Dilopolyang Maniipolyang,Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Midey, Pine Groove, Tipi Orchid Research Centre and Ziro Puto are the amazing places of Ziro Valley.

Mao- Jewel Of Manipur

Traditional Dance Of Manipur In Mao

Mao is the wonderful oldest hill station of Manipur. Mao is blessed magical culture and incredible natural beauty. Mao is the home of ancient culture and art. Naga dance is the specialty of Mao.The  Dzuko Valley in Mao dazzle with the blooms of variety of rare lily between May and July known as Dzuko Lily.

Agartala-Land of Temples and Palaces

Ujjayanta Palace In Agartala

Agartala is famous for its spectacular natural beauty. Agartala is also known as the ‘city of Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur” because it is managed by the Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur.It is well organized ,modern and managed city.Agartala is full with splendorous palaces and sacred temples.Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Ujjayanta Palace ,Neermahal, Rabindra Kanan and Jagannath Temple  are the most ravishing places of Agartala.