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Enlightening Trip of Lord Buddha in India-Most Blessed Buddhist Termini

Lord Buddha was born and brought up in Lumbini and Kapilvastu both are positioned in Nepal. Buddha got illumination in Bodhgaya, which is situated in India .Lord orated his first sermon in Sarnath, which is also cited in India. Out of four most sacrosanct places of Buddhism , specifically Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar, three are in India, making it the eventual prevalent Buddhist terminus in the world.

Buddha Statue At  Bodhgaya
The four the most blessed Buddhist termini includes Lumbini (Buddha's birthplace), Bodhgaya (where Buddha got illumination), Sarnath (where Buddha delivered his first oration) and Kushinagar (where Lord Buddha breathes his last breath). The destinations you can cover on your Buddhist Expeditions places  of India include Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Shravasti, Sankasya, Vaishali, Rajgir and Kushinagar.

Statue Of The Buddha At Lumbini
Lumbini: The native land of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is one of the most consecrated and important Buddhists pilgrimage starting points located near the Nepal-India border. The tourist fascinations of Lumbini are the Sacred Garden, Maya Devi Temple, Puskani Pond, Ashokan Pillar, Buddha Temple and the Lumbini Museum. Lumbini is also enumerated in the World Heritage Sites.

Buddha's Birth Place Ruins In Maya Devi Temple
Stupes In Sarnath
Sarnath is one of the four the most sacrosanct Buddhist excursion center. Buddha stayed in Sarnath soon after he attained illumination in Bodhgaya and distributed his first discourse or Maha Dharma Chakra Pravartan at the Deer Park in Sarnath. It was here that Buddha imparted the key facets of Buddhism: the four noble truths, the eightfold track and the middle way viewpoint to his followers.

Mahabodhi Temple In Bodhgaya
Bodhgaya: Positioned close to the river Niranjana, Bodhgaya is the holiest excursion center for Buddhists from all over the world. It was Bodhgaya where Lord Buddha accomplished illumination under the Bodhi tree after years of search for the veracity and awareness. 

Braches Of Mahabodhi Tree
The tourist fascinations of Bodhgaya are the Mahabodhi Temple, Mahabodhi Tree, Shakyamuni Buddha, Niranjana River, Vajrasana, Ancient Railing, Lotus Tank, Chankaramana, Animeshlochana, Ratnagar and Sujata Village. The Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya is registered in the World Legacy Site.It is known as enlightening place of  Lord Buddha.

Buddha Temple At Kushinagar
Laying Buddha Statue At Kushinagar
Positioned at a distance of roughly 50 km from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is the place where Buddha breathed his last breath at the age of 80 after conquering the ceremonial of Mahaparinirvana (Permanent Bliss).

Ashokan Elephant Pillar In Sankasya
Sankasya is sited at about 47 km from Farrukhabad town in Uttar Pradesh India. It is alleged that in Sankasya, Buddha derived from Tushita Heaven along with Brahma and Devraj Indra after giving discourses to his mother in heaven. It is believed that Buddha went to Tushita Heaven to preach Dharma to his mother. The major fascinations at Sankasya are a temple with the Statue of Buddha, Ashokan Elephant Pillar and Bisari Devi temple.

Ruins Of Nalanda;

Ruins Of Buddhist Temple At Nalanda
Lord Buddha stayed at Nalanda several times during his lifespan. Positioned at about 70 km from Patna, Nalanda is renowned for its primeval monastic university, the Nalanda University, most important prehistoric seat of Buddhist learning. This university played a substantial role in the advancement of Buddhism in India.

Budda Stup And  Lion Pillar At Vaishali
Lord Buddha stayed Vaishali recurrently and discoursed his last oration at Kolhua, a small village located close to Vaishali. To memorialize the event, Emperor Ashoka instituted one of his prominent lion pillars in Vaishali in the 3rd century BC. The antique capital of famous Mauryan Empire, Vaishali is at a space of about 55 km from Patna, the capital of the state of Bihar.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Deep Overview Of Trekking Destinations for Trekking Lovers

Himalaya Beauty
Indian Himalayan range is rich with beauty of high mountains and nature. High altitude, snow,deep meadows, mysteries of Himalayas and mountains always fascinate the adventures people.Giant Himalaya covers the ten states of India. These are Jammu & Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh,Uttarakhand,Sikkim,Arunachal Pradesh ,Meghalaya,Nagaland ,Manipur,Mizoram and Tripura.Some part of Himalayan range like Uttarakhand,Leh Ladakh, Himanchal Pradesh are the main attraction or more preferable choice for the trekking tour.

Trekkers In Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand is also known as the place of god due to its divine beauty and the large number of temple. Beauty of Uttarakhand can explore on the varios trekking points. Uttarakhand is rich with two amusable region –Garhwal and kumaon .Both district are full with enthralling, beautiful and breathtaking trekking destinations of Uttrakhand.

Milam Glacier

Scrumptious trekking points of kumaon are Pindari Glacier Trek, Panchulli Glacier Trek, Milam Glacier Trek, Binsar Trek and etc.

Valley Of Flowers In Uttarakhand

Morning Bliss In Har Ki Doon

Garhwal Region is also full with highly adventures and extremely beautiful trek points, some are Chopta – Tungnath, Valley of Flowers, Harkidoon Trek,Kedarnath Pawalikantha, Panch Kedar Trek and Dayara Bugyal Trek.

Zanskar Region Of Ladakh
Leh  Ladakh  lies between the Karakoram mountain range to the Himalayas to the south. It is the land of high pass, white glittering mountains and magical blue lakes. Trekking in Ladakh region offers a different experience with its stunning scenic beauty. 

The Nubra valley In Ladakh
Ladakh is full with nomands, fresh water springs, wildlife and fresh water lakes. Ladakh trekking offer a zealous adventure with a wide range of  trekking trails like Markha Valley Trek,Apricot valley Trek,Padum to Lamayuru Trek,The Nubra valley Trek,Sham &Indus valley Trek,Hemis to Tsomoriri Trek, Likir to Temisgam,zanskar region ,Kargil region and many more.

Hampta Pass
Pin Parvati In Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh widely known as Dev Bhoomi -the Land of Gods is a place of enormous natural beauty and divine calm.Himachal Pradesh is a very beautiful area of the Indian Himalayas; this region is full with dense beauty of mountains, snow, amazing valleys and hill temple architecture, Himachal Pradesh is full with amazing trekking area, Some are Pin Parvati, Triund Glacier, Chandratal Trek, Kinnaur Kailash Circuit,Sar Pass,Chanderkhani,Hampta Pass and Bhabha Pass Trek.


Trekking tour is full with adventure and also a way to meet with incredible beauty of nature. Alone, beautiful, stunning , white snow covered treks present a different heavenly life which is more far away from this crowded and artificial life. So just get ready to see the amazing world of beauty by your trekking tour.

For a perfect guidelines for trekking you can take help from here:

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Joyful Honeymoon Trip to Kottayam Backwaters

Beautiful Beach View  Of  Kottayam Beach Area

Honeymoon is a new chapter in newlywed couples, which begin with you and me time. It should be spent with the beautiful surroundings and the peace, to enjoy each other company. Kerala is one of the most popular destinations among the newlywed couples of not only India, but worldwide. It’s a perfect mix of nature, beaches, shores, romantic rides, boat house, shopping and delicious cuisine.There are many things which can be explore in Kerala trip.

Kerala Delicious Cuisine
Kottayam has a place of honor on the cultural map of Kerala.  Kottayam is a city in the Indian state of Kerala, spread over an area of 55.40 km2 and is the administrative capital of  Kottayam district. Kottayam is located in south-central Kerala. The city is approximately 150 km (93.2 mi) from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram.

Snake Boat Race
From beaches to backwaters, anything and everything that a couple would want to enjoy in a memorable vacation lie within Kottayam. Kottayam features panoramic backwater stretches, vast expanses of paddy fields, highlands and extensive rubber plantations. The literacy rate here is 100% and thus, it is so named that it means the land of letters. It is also known as the land of latex and lakes. Situated close to the Chandragiri cruises starting from Chandragiri Bridge and featuring a mosque and the ancient Kizhur Sartha Temple, the cultivation of the cash crops makes Kottayam an economically sound place. The Venbad lake, the paddy fields of Kuttanad and Western Ghats all surround Kottayam making it one of the most exotic destinations of Backwaters of Kerala. A night trip across the shimmering waters of the legendary Punnamada Lake, venue for the famous Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race, opens new vistas of pleasures and delights.

Beautiful Boat House For Honeymoon Couples
Backwater offers you the most complete facility which anyone, and everyone may   feel as a home. At Backwater Retreat, contemporary elegance is combined with modern efficiency with grace, warmth and care. Honeymoon couples and Families interested in enjoying the serenity of nature and its silence would surely love to stay at such a place during their vacation. You can stay in kingly luxury, located in a peaceful atmosphere with lush greenery at the confluence of several rivers merging into the Kumarakom Lake. Honey moon couples can enjoy this unmatched abode in a perfect eco-setting - a pleasant escape to the lap of nature.

Artist  Ready For Arjun Nritham

The culture of  Kottayam is influenced mainly by the large presence of the Syrian Christian community. The cuisine of  Kottayam is the same as rest of Kerala, but with a distinct Syrian Christian influence seen in the use of coconut and spices, as well as beef, pork and sea food Keralite Cuisine. Margamkali and Arjuna Nritham are popular dance forms. There are also restaurants that cater to Kerala, Tamil and Northern cuisines. There are several movie halls, which screen Malayalam, English, Tamil and Hindi movies. Kottayam has seven theaters where movies are released periodically. They are Abhilash, Anupama, Anaswara, Anand cinemax, dhanya, ramya and Asha.
Houseboat in Kottayam
Beautiful Beaches, luxurious house boats and a romantic ride in Backwaters adds to the lifetime cherish-able memories. Small houseboat cruises across the long water panel in it is a romantic ride giving you plenty of all alone time in the nature’s arms. Backwaters of  Kottayam in kerala present a beautiful sight. Travel to Kottayam backwaters and explore the beauty yourself.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Holi -A Colourful festival on the Religious Land Of India

People Enjoy Holi with Colors
Holi is the festival of colours, celebrated every year in India, in March. It’s the unique carnival of high morale and a good way to welcome the new season with the richness of various colours. At the time of the festival, this part of the earth glorifies with the shine and brightness of colourful hues, just like a kaleidoscope. As the weather discards the winter and began to reap the seed of sunny summer, people also commence new promises and love, and celebrate it with the most colourful festival, Holi.

People Spreading Colors To Each Others
Holi Dance with Colors And Joy
Hindu Mythology Holi Play With Flowers
Although, Holi is a festival of Hindus, but nowadays it is celebrated all over the country which proves the fact of “Unity in Diversity”. The entire nation irrespective of caste, religion, race and culture take part in the celebration. However, the colour of the festival on the land of Shri Krishna is altogether different. That particular area is known as ‘Braj Bhoomi’ and has a very special place in Hindu Mythology as the Lord Krishna has spent his childhood there. The areas which are considered as Braj Bhoomi are Nandgaon, Phalen, Vrindavan, Mathura, Gokul and Barsana. Holi is celebrated for about three weeks at Braj Bhoomi. Lord Krishna was brought up in Nandgaon, whereas his beloved Radha was from Barsana. People celebrate their love in high spirits today as well. 

People Enjoying with Dry Gulal At Braj Bhoomi
People sprinkle coloured water as well as the dry Gulal on each other. However, there is a little difference in the celebration at Braj Bhoomi. In Phalen, the ceremony starts by igniting a bone fir under full moon in honour of the victory of good for bad. People enact the famous story of Prahlad and Holika, and the most surprising fact is that the local pastor walks through that lighted fire.
Lathmar Holi In Barsana
Barsana Ladies Playing Lathmar holi
In Barsana, there is a different way to celebrate the festival. Here, the famous term used for the festival is “Latthmaar Holi”, which literally means beating with the sticks. All men from Nandgaon try to mark their victory over the temple of Radha in Barsana whereas all women from Barsana try to defeat them by charging them with long bamboo sticks. As men cannot hit back the women, so they have to cover themselves with a good padding so that they do not get hurt. They can only stop the women by sprinkling the coloured water on them. The funny fact is that men disguise themselves as women, so that they can trap the ladies and dance in their style as well. It is believed that Lord Krishna used to disguise himself and dance like women. The same scene is repeated next day but now the men of Barsana try to win over the women of  Nandgaon for the temple of Shriji. Different Holi songs, based upon the dialogues of Radha-Krishna is sung by men and women both, during this celebration.

Traditional Radha Krishna Holy Play in Vrindavan
People Celebrating  Holi  In Braj With Folk Songs And Colors 
This world-famous celebration attracts the tourists from all over the globe. Devotional songs, bhang, gulal, love and lathis are the distinct features of the famous Braj Holi. The people drinking bhang, battling on the ground with different colours, the sound and beats of drums, fervent songs, fountains of coloured water and latthi charging women, all off a sudden, this gives a new meaning to Holi. This is only possible at the land of Lord Krishna.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pelling- The Unbeatable Heavenly Beauty of Sikkim

Sikkim is a small state of East India. Nestled in the land of Himalayas, this state is crowned with Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest peak in the world with a height of 8,586 m. The state is full of beautiful unseen valleys; snow covered lakes, numinous monasteries and other mesmerizing natural sceneries. This floral paradise which is full of amiable places is also known for its adventurous sites, which will give you real thrill.

A View Of Himalayas

In this heavenly beauty, there is a small Mountain Village which is located in Eastern Himalayas and Western Sikkim, known as Pelling. Pelling is situated on a hilltop, for about an altitude of 2,150 m, a place where you can view the natural luminosity at its best. With the Kanchenjunga at a little distance, view is breath taking at the time of dusk and dawn, which make the place more enchanted. View from the nook and corner of the place is so amazing that it makes the place a worth visiting site of the East India. You can go on an air ride through the helicopter which will give you more panoramic sites to view.

Traditional Mask Dance
With the soothing beauty of the place, you can relax and feel rejuvenated at this natural place. Pelling’s peculiar beauty and mesmerizing landscapes are still untouched and undisturbed by today’s machine age to a great extent and that is the reason that tourists love to go and spend quality time there. This raw and real essence attracts many travellers each year and gives them the moments and memories to cherish all their lives. A picturesque place which is famous worldwide for watching the great Himalayas, and Kanchenjunga is seriously heaven on earth.

Dubdi Monastery

Apart from the stunning view of Kanchenjunga, you can visit the Dubdi Monastery, which is one of the oldest monasteries here. You can also go to visit a very famous lake named, Khencheopalri Lake. You can sit around or walk around the beautiful lake and spend your time with your loved ones. The best way to reach Sikkim is through road via Siliguri. Taxis and buses are available easily. If you want to travel by train, you have to get down on New Jalpaiguri station, and then you can go ahead by road. You can also fly. The nearest airport to Siliguri is Bagdogra. You can board a flight from Kolkata airport.

Khencheopalri Lake

Rear View Of  Khencheopalri Lake

Although the place is very close to nature but the accommodation provided by the hotels, there is worth staying. Hotels having all the modern amenities would never let you feel that you are away from your home. People here also are so warm and welcoming that they are ever ready to help their guests in any front. These hotels filled with modern amenities but still so close to Mother Nature will give you an elite experience for life. Government is taking steps in the maintenance of the town as the roads are being repaired, and the new hotels are being made here.

In winters, place is much more beautiful as the whole area is draped in white belt of snow. The environment is so chilly that the people love to be here in winters. Pelling also serves as a base camp for many grueling treks. Tourists trek in the western region of Sikkim from Pelling. These treks are arduous and if you are adventurous enough, you are going to enjoy it to the maximum.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Famed White Jewel of North India - Leh

Vacation in Leh will give you the memories which you will cherish forever. Leh is situated in the circuit of Himalayan range at about a height of 3,505 meters above sea level and surely is the most fascinating and accessible place in Ladakh. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir State in North India. Tourists, who travel to Ladakh as well, stay in Leh as this place serves as the perfect base.

White Beauty Of Leh 
Leh is a famous vacation spot in North India. There is several type of North India tour famous among the tourists. Tourists who visit North India can't go back without spending time in Leh. Beautiful snow-covered mountain beneath the vast clear blue sky is just like an imagination, but when you visit this beauty by yourself, you will get to know that it is not easy not to visit the place at least once in a life. The place is so romantic that only spending evenings with your loved ones will do a good justice with your vacations. You don't even needs to go out here and there. If you are a nature lover tourist, there is no place on earth, which will lure you as much as Leh can. You can reach Leh via different means of transport. Direct flight from New Delhi, the capital of India, is frequently available. 

Those who want to travel by rail, have to go to the Jammu first and take the Srinagar road which is the easiest way to reach Leh. Although you can enjoy your vacation at any time of the year in Leh but the best time to visit the place is from June to October. If you want to enjoy trekking, this is the ideal time as from November, trekking is mostly closed due to very heavy snowfall.

However, if you want a leisure holiday, you can have a serene and tranquil time any time during the year. Accommodation will not at all be a problem in Leh as the place has a number of good hotels and guests house. You can select any hotel depending on your budget and other preferences. The place has a range of hotels from budgeted to the extravagant.

Shanti Stupa
Sightseeing will be another aspect in your Leh Tour. This place is famous for its beautiful monasteries and scenic charm. Shanti Stupa is one of the popular attractions of the place. This monument is made by the Buddhists from Ladakh and Japan. The monument is so high that you can have a full view of the Leh Valley

Ruins Of  Leh Palace

Smiling Lion in Leh Palace
Leh Palace is another famous tourist attraction to visit. It was built in 17th century and was home to the royal family of the place. You can visit a monastery named Namgyal Tsemo Gompa which has a three-story high Buddha image. Another monastery located a few kilometers from Leh, named Sankar Gompa is also worth visiting.

A view Of  Sankar Gompa 

Heavenly View Of Khardung La
Tourists can also enjoy mountaineering in the gigantic and vivacious mountains of Leh and Ladakh. The place is a blessing for trekking loving and nature loving people. Travelers from the world come here for trekking purposes. The place has always been on top of the list for such tourists. Khardung La is mainly famous for the trekking.

Hemis Monestry
Guru Rinpoche In Hemis Monestry

Another famous attraction to visit is Karma Dupgyud Choelin, Pangong, Thiskey and Hemis Monastery, War Museum, Chamba Temple, Zorawar Fort and Victory Tower, etc. Leh is a place which you can call a complete destination for vacation. Incredible Leh Ladkah tour with Kashmir also give a heavenly vacation experience . For Visit the place and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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